Thursday, July 3

I’ve checked out a lot of books from the Library. It works like this: Sitting at my computer, I look the book up in the online catalog, and make a request. I track the status as the book is found and pulled from the shelf. Then I walk over to alcove 1 in the main reading room and the librarian charges it to me. Sometimes the book is not on the shelf, so I come back later.

I requested a book late this afternoon, and when I went to look for it at 4:30 — shortly before the reading room closes — it was not on the shelf. The friendlier-than-usual librarian suggested I ask for it at the main circulation desk; it could have come up out of the stacks (by conveyor belt! the machinery of the Library is amazing) but not made it to her alcove yet. I shrugged off her advice at first, but then I thought: It’s a long weekend. And I swallowed my pride.

I was only slightly sheepish as I whispered my rush request to the attendant and waited under the hushed dome of the main reading room for special delivery. And to his credit, he smirked only a little when he handed me a bright pink copy of The Anti-Bride Guide: Tying the Knot Outside of the Box.

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