updated 9 February 2003

Hello. My name is Robin. I live in Washington, DC. I grew up in a nearby Maryland suburb and it never ceases to amaze people in this transient town when they meet someone “from here.”

I work for the Library of Congress on digital library projects. Two things you should know:

I’m not actually a librarian.
I don’t write very much about the Library, for several reasons:
I don’t think about my job very much when I’m not on the clock. You shouldn’t either! Unless you really love what you do. Then it’s okay.
I’ve only been working at the Library since July 2002.
I never write anything I wouldn’t want my coworkers or my boss to see.
I live with my boyfriend, Eric, who often travels to Africa for work. I write about that sometimes.

I read a lot. I keep track of every book I read, and I try to write about them, too.

I take a lot of photos with my digital camera, my 35mm SLR, and my medium format TLR.

I never write anything I wouldn’t want my mom and dad to read.

I love to get messages, especially from people I haven’t met yet, so don’t be shy! Write me!

There is more about the history of this site on the archives page.

I use my Amazon wishlist to keep track of books I want to read — which I usually check out from the library.