35 Of The Best Natural Makeup Brands

Living a healthy lifestyle means we also need to consider the  ingredients of beauty products we put on our body especially on our face. This is one of the reasons why  organic make-ups are really popular nowadays. I know you are confused which brands to buy right now. Anyway check this article I’ve found. I’m sure this will help you a lot.

(C) Beautylish.com
(C) Beautylish.com

Chances are you’re no stranger to Instagram and YouTube makeup transformations. They can be almost addictive to watch: a plain Jane chirps into the camera about some new product she’s discovered, swipes some foundation here, dabs some concealer there, blends it all over, and bam — a face is completely transformed.

Sure some of the transformations are awe-inspiring, but most of the vloggers and bloggers aren’t aware of all the toxins they’ve just smeared all over their faces. From phthalates and parabens to perfumes and BPA and much, much more, cosmetics are normally choc-a-block with harmful ingredients, many of which are now being linked to cancer, hormonal disruption, skin rashes and more. Despite these discoveries, most old, established cosmetics companies are far too slow to change their ways, and continue to pump out their toxic sludge into packages they sell to us as ‘makeup.’

As a consequence, a crop of new, innovative brands are springing up, but unlike their larger (and more chemically laden) competitors, they don’t have easy access to large markets, and many consumers don’t know where to find them.

Until now, that is.


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