How to Help Your Child if They Are Being Bullied

You got a call from your kid’s teacher for an emergency meeting and you found out that your kid is being bullied. One of the most common problems of children at school is bullying.  As a parent, how can you address this kind of problem?

Finding out your child is being bullied is a tough moment for any parent.

We do all we can to nurture and protect our children, so the discovery that they are being bullied makes us feel powerless.


However, the way you react when you find out your child is being bullied is important.

So what can you do?

To help answer that, we spoke to Alex Holmes, Anti-Bullying Programme Manager at the charity The Diana Award.

Here are his tips on how to help your child if they are being physically, mentally or even cyberbullied …

Listen to your child

The most important thing a parent can do is listen.

Do not minimise what your child is going through and, although you should be sympathetic, avoid getting over-emotional and angry about the bullying.

Instead, use active listening to summarise the situation and your child’s feelings. For example, ‘So they took your books and threw them all over the floor? And you cried because you felt sad? I can understand why you’d be upset.’ This approach will make your child feel heard, and reassure them about your love and calm support.

Don’t pick holes in what your child is saying. Your child has been brave coming to you, so believe and listen. Tell your child they have done the right thing in speaking up and coming to you with this.

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