40 Ideas to Dress Up Terra Cotta Flower Pots – DIY Planter Crafts {Saturday Inspiration & Ideas}

If you are planning to be creative with your garden or your indoor plants, then why not try decorating the pots using DIY. It’s also a good and unique decor in our home. I tried one  yesterday. Although it’s not perfect as the picture but I found it enjoyable and would probably create another DIY pots decor. Below is the article where I got design idea.

I get so excited this time of year as I begin to see the garden sections and nurseries starting to fill with new merchandise for the spring. Even though it’s still a bit early, some refreshing diy projects this time of year never hurt the anticipation of sunshine and warmer weather.

I can never have enough flowers once the spring weather allows – and as I like to have them scattered around everywhere, I can never have enough pots to go along with them. Terra Cotta flower pots are fairly inexpensive, compared to the faux plastic look-a-likes, and even though they are simple and plain there are plenty of ways to spice them up. This weeks Saturday Inspiration and Ideas takes a look at some planter project makeover’s sure to have you rethinking the average clay based ceramics.

{Terra Cotta Flower Pot Planter Crafts}

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