“Other than a blender, dining essentials like cutlery and china are probably what your friends and family most expect to see on your kitchen. Delectable gourmet food can be made more fascinating with the use of the right dinnerware.”

Choosing the Best Tableware | Foodal.com

This might be because you’ve lived at home until getting married or, like me, your china and cutlery is comprised of mismatched pieces that you’ve inherited or found especially good deals on until this point. I defend the colorful pieces in my cupboards by saying, “Hey! My plates are eclectic. Are you feeling blue or brown this evening?”

I’m using my wedding registry as an opportunity to get myself a proper, grownup kitchen and matching diningware is an essential piece to that. Nothing says “adult” like a salad bowl (I could just stop there) that matches your salad plates (seriously, maybe pretty plates will make me eat more salad)…


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