Ways to Clean Teak Furniture

Teak furniture is made of strong wood which makes it a dependable material for household equipment. It is a quality material that can resist mould, therefore it wouldn’t require a heavy maintenance.”

Teak is very durable and sturdy. It is resilient and will hold its quality appearance for decades. Teak may be left outside all year long as it has natural protectants against the elements. Taking care of your teak furniture is very easy, providing you with added time to spend enjoying sitting outdoors on it. Teak furniture has a natural color that is silverish gray. You’ll never need to add oil, stain, or paint to your teak furniture. You can choose to oil it if you prefer the original yellowish brown colour of the teak wood.

Cover it if not used. The most practical solution for preserving your teak furniture, especially your patio teak furnishings are to cover them when not being used. This is particularly applicable to teak furniture placed on patio or outdoor areas. Since they will be subjected to external environment, they’re more prone to get dirty and discolored.

Dust it regularly. Clean your teak furniture to eliminate dust from it. There are some special teak cleaners you could purchase and are available on any local hardware store nearby.

Properly clean it. Cleaning your outdoor teak furniture can be carried out by brushing with soft bristle brush and a mixture of mild soapy water with some table tablespoons of bleach. You must rinse them entirely by hosing to get rid of any remaining dirt and detergent residues. Be advised that utilizing a high pressure washer is not recommended. Teak cleaner solutions can also be used to restore the color to the authentic honey hue. Teak cleaners work by taking off the thin oil less layer at the surface and exposing the oily layers underneath. A sealer may also be applied afterwards to preserve the honey colour of your outdoor teak furniture. Teak is a low maintenance hardwood. Scrapes, scratches and stubborn stains can be removed without too much effort through the use of sandpaper.

Apply teak oil. Make certain you apply the teak oil prior the furniture actually starting to weather and if it has begun to weather then scrub the furnishings with a stiff poly bristled brush and a few soapy water, then rinse the furniture off completely and allow it to try.

Get rid of stains as soon as you notice. Using fine-grit sandpaper will allow you to get rid of heavy stains. When it is placed into your patio, bird dropping is normal, you have to be mindful about the drop because it may cause stains. Whenever you see stains, eliminate it right away.

Additionally it is essential to keep its finest condition. It isn’t enough that you simply do the cleaning and oiling. To maintain the shine and natural glow of the wood, you must protect it from direct sunlight. If you have an outdoor deck, make sure that it’s covered during daylight or you’ve got an umbrella to help keep it from drying and fading out.