13 Allergy-Friendly Treats For Kids Birthday Parties

If you like to host social gatherings, it’s important to account for people’s allergies and food preferences. I would like to share the below article with you about allergy friendly treats that you can serve in a kid’s party.

My 7-year-old son is the youngest of my three children. As his older siblings are in their 20s, it had been many years since I’d regularly attended birthday parties. I was excited to be back in the groove after so many years, and wondered what might have changed since my “bigs” were not so big.

(C) babble
(C) babble

One thing I didn’t have to wonder about was food allergies. See, my son has a peanut allergy. And having logged three years of pre-school prior to him entering kindergarten, I had become well-versed in handling allergy-friendly and kid-approved treats.

Of course my son wasn’t the only one with an allergy. There were wheat allergies. Milk allergies. Tree nut allergies. And creating treats for celebrations where ALL the kids could indulge was a challenge. Even for this experienced cook.

But I was determined, because I knew all too well the disappointment my son has felt when he’s been “the one” who couldn’t have a cupcake or cookie at a party or picnic.

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