This Year, Bake Your Mom a Bouquet of Flowers

Mother’s day is fast approaching and one way to show our love to our mom is to give our best on this special day. Usually giving bouquet of flowers is a tradition during mother’s day. But this time I would suggest this type of bouquet but with a twist. This would not be a simple DIY cake but you can also customize this into a simpler one.

Why give Mom a store-bought bouquet when you can bake her a cake frosted in sweet buttercream flowers? Here’s how it’s done.

Step 1


Start by baking our favorite yellow cake recipe. Then, apply a crumb coat to the cake using buttercream frosting (and make an extra batch of buttercream to use for your flowers).

Step 2


In various small bowls, add drops of gel food coloring to the frosting until the desired intensity is achieved.

Step 3


Tip: To reuse piping bags, use cling film to wrap frosting.

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