Lawn Aerators For A Healthy And Greeny Lawn

Lawn aeration is a strategy that many individuals will use at some time or any other to keep their lawn looking fresh and healthy year after year. Nevertheless, at the same time, there are also a lot of people are who are still left pondering what lawn aeration is and just what it really does. This is especially true for people who have looking into a lawn maintenance service for the first time. With lawn aerators, you have the answer in your hands.


To start with, the main reason to aerate your lawn would be to promote the health of the soil beneath your lawn. A healthy lawn requires healthy soil underneath to supply ample water and nutrients. Clay or sandy soils tends to compact and limit the movement of these nutrients, or they permit them to wash right though. High traffic areas which are vulnerable to compacting are greatly benefitted by these air pockets, that allow the ground to breath and allows the nutrients to spread evenly in the soil.

It’s always best to purchase lawn aerators in this season or you can also rent one easily specifically if you require a larger machine. When you have never aerated your lawn before, then it’s wise to do this at least 2 times annually for the first two to three years. You can bring the frequency down once the roots have become deep enough and a healthy turf continues to be established. Actually, it only is required to carry out aeration once in two or 3 years after the lawn grass is becoming healthy and lush. When the soil in your region is extremely compact or hard, then aeration could need more regularly and same happens if you reside in a hilly or mountainous region.

The two main basic kinds of aerators; punch-core aerators, and spike aerators. Punch-core aerators are motorized with tube-like attachments that cut into the soil and remove apple core type chunks of soil from your lawn. This frees up the soil and gives all the benefits listed above. Spike aerators are cheaper and are typically pulled behind a riding lawn mower. Nevertheless, spike aerators do not remove soil from the ground, but instead, they compact it further. It may have some benefit, though it won’t give the same benefit as a punch-core aerator.

A fantastic way to spend less would be to rent the equipment either on your own or on sharing basis with a neighbor who also needs to aerate his lawn. If you want to save money, perform process by yourself or employ a professional who will ask you for a little fee but will finish the job in a professional manner. Once you are done with the aeration process, it is the great time to use fertilizers and overseed your lawn to make sure lush, thick and green growth in no time at all.

Lawn aerators are an absolute must for everyone who wishes to have a lush, green and healthy lawn in front of their homes.


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