Top 10: Home Exercise Products Worth Owning

While it is easier said than done, many people are trying their very best to get into shape and towards a healthier lifestyle.  A number of people are not going to their local gym or simply do not have the time to do so. If you are one of those who fall into this category, a better option will be to buy a home exercise equipment and work out at home.


Let’s talk benefits of having workout equipment at home first:

  1. Increased motivation. If there are dumbbell staring at you every day, they may just motivate you to pick them up. Then put them down. Then hopefully pick them up again.
  2. Convenience. Whether you’re a gym rat of a newbie, there are things you’ll need to do at home to get better or stronger or leaner. Accessory work is needed, recovery will mean more than taking a nap and consistency will mean that sometimes you’ll need to get a workout in on limited time.
  3. You’ll save money. If you don’t have $100 a month to sign up for an upscale gym or don’t want to burn $10 a month to share weight machines with a guy working out in distressed denim, in the long run, purchasing a few versatile fitness items is going to be a lot more cost effective.

Ask Yourself These Questions

How Much Space Do I Have?

There’s no reason to spend money on a weight bench and a barbell if you live in a studio apartment. You have to consider the kind of space you’re working with. The less room you have, the more you’ll be confided to bodyweight movements, dumbbells and resistance work. But if you’ve got enough room to stand, squat and lay down, you’ve got enough room for a HIIT session.

Will You Use It?

If you hate running buying a treadmill is a waste of money. Just like purchasing an indoor cycling bike makes zero sense if you’re going to let it collect dust. The point is to allow your interests to dictate what equipment you buy, not the other way around. Buying equipment thinking, “if I buy this, I’ll finally start working out at home,” is a trap. Start with a product that doesn’t intimidate you or require too much assembly, even takes up too much room. But most importantly, be certain it is something you will actually use.


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