Inspired Design: 5 Rooms I Love and Why

Are you looking to get a little inspiration for your new home decorating?  Check out this top favorite designs from one of favorite blogs. You might probably get an inspiration from her favorites.

For me 2018 is going to be more about simplicity even thought I am a maximalist at heart. I’m just ready to focus and refine so I can welcome in clarity for other things in life. While I have been pairing down my moon in interiors and design, I have ramped up my creativity and spent more time doing creative things. Which I am absolutely loving. One of which is pouring over more magazines, books and the like for interior inspiration. Here are 5 rooms that I just love and why I can’t stop thinking about them. P.S. You’ll notice there is a common thread throughout these spaces, the soft and minimal color palettes.

1. Something about natural light makes my heart beat, I am pretty sure that goes for everyone. It’s just a must have for any home of mine. I also love the walls with hidden storage. What a genius idea that is for high rise living. The clear coffee table and the gorgeous antique mirror are making the most of the natural light and adding so much more space to the room. I would live here in a heartbeat. Interior design by Crystal Sinclair Designs. Image via instagram

2. Another Crystal Sinclair Design masterpiece is this gorgeous modern bedroom with a rustic bohemian feel. I love the color palette and the low bed with a tassel throw blanket to add some pretty texture. The branches in the corner add a little something too. I’ve also always secretly loved the barn door vibe. I just think this space is so sweet.

(C) The Decorista
(C) The Decorista

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