Why Being Addicted to Someone Is Not the Same as Being In Love

Being addicted to someone is not healthy. In fact this can become a very big problem for both people in the relationship. Let’s take a look of the signs of how being addicted to someone can turn into an unhealthy, obsessive type of relationship.

There are all sorts of things to be addicted to. It is possible to be addicted to someone. Like any other addiction, it is super bad but feels really good.

With addiction, it means you depend on or habitually need it. It is highly possible to be addicted to someone, which is never a good thing. Sure, you want to love someone, but being addicted to them is not about love. It is about needing someone to fulfill you.

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Typically, when addicted to someone, they aren’t very good for us, but they bring us some sort of satisfaction or fill a void. Also, like other addictions, being addicted to someone is very difficult to overcome, which is why many people stay in abusive relationships.

10 signs you are addicted to someone

How do you know if you are addicted to someone? The signs are probably pretty clear to everyone besides you. If these things describe you, then it might be time to distance yourself from the person you are with and find a way to fill the void that you feel.

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