The 5 Ways You Meet People and What Each Says About You

Are you curious of others’s first impression about you? Did you made a good impression or bad impression?  If you are really that curious, check out this blog and learn how others say about you.

(C) MaDailyLife
(C) MaDailyLife

My friend goes to a bar, drinks himself blackout, and wakes up the next morning—disoriented, still drunk—in a stranger’s bed, learning her name only when he spies it on a piece of mail while creeping out the door.

Two years later, they’re happily engaged.

Maybe that’s not a fairy-tale story of boy meets girl, but just ask those two: When it comes to love, we’ll take it how we can get it.

Where are you searching for love? And what does that say about you? To find out, recall the people you’ve dated. Place each person in one (and only one!) of the following five categories:

  1. School: Classmates and people you’ve met through classmates.
  2. Work: Coworkers and people you’ve met through coworkers.
  3. Online: All sites and apps.
  4. Bar: (Or club or “lounge,” although I’ve never understood what that is.) This includes strangers—as in, not connections from School or Work—at one of these places.
  5. Miscellaneous: Anyone not in categories one through four. Includes strangers you meet at any of (but not limited to) the following: stores and shops; hobbies; concerts and music festivals; sporting events; travel; family connections; farmers’ markets, clothing swaps, underground vegan knitting clubs (BROOKLYN, STAND UP); literally everything else.

Now place each past romance in a category and tally each category’s total. Cue Jeopardy! theme.

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trump has won!

Short post as i am still try to recollect my thoughts. The next potus is trump…frankly i am a little worried on how the state of affairs of the world would be. But yet it might be a good thing as most opposition/critics of the US are actually unhappy with their interference with non local affairs.

As such conflict between them and the united states should ease since trump stand is to ignore outside matters that are non US issues. Still the illogical manner in which he conducts himself is where things get scary.

The risk of a nuclear war has increased with him in the office thanks to his irrational behaviour. The economy is just on the verge of a large correction and his appointment to office seems to have just confirmed it.

Let us brace ourself for the world ahead 🙂

The election is still on the way

A lot of people on wall street spoke out on trump. A lot of “experts” spoke out on trump. Still Trump is leading the polls! This together with the brexit shows how much people are changing in the views of how the world should be run.

There is something about this results that seems to scream anti establishment. You can’t help but feel that those on the ground are saying to the media, to those in power that it is not about what you feed us and tell us, we will just choose the opposite of that.

I do wonder what trump would do once he takes office to calm down the fear of the market. Yet hearing how his campaign manager answer that there should be no reason to fear makes me realize how disillusioned they are on how the market fears the instability he brings to the office.